Growing at Every Age

I’ve always thought that homeschooling was a great way for our children to explore their gifts, passions and talents.

Having the extra time in their days, gives our children the opportunity to get bored. When they don’t have an overly busy schedule, it gives them the ability to think, to try new things and to explore other areas that may be a talent.

When the quarantine started, I was saddened by it. Then I saw that my daughter, Sarah, started drawing again. When she was younger, she would draw and write stories. As she got older and started spending more time at the gym, she didn’t have the time. During the quarantine, she and I started watching drawing tutorials.

Sarah has a natural talent for drawing. I do not! That’s what I thought. I never considered myself an artist. I still don’t. After having the time and doing some tutorials, I quickly picked up some simple drawing techniques and found myself really enjoying it. I also learned how to do some Ipad Calligraphy.

I’ve always done well with computers and digital graphics… Not designing them, but using them. Now, I’m creating them!!

At the age of 51 I am learning to draw. That’s amazing! I can draw! Ok, so i’m no Picasso, but, I’m not drawing stick figures.

We can learn at any age! We are always learning about ourselves and growing. The Lord is always showing me His Ways. He is glorious.

Even in the midst of a pandemic, I can see and feel the Lords Love and Wisdom.

Some would call me an “Optimist”. I am by nature, but it’s really the Lord. When you filter your thoughts through HIS Word, you see how well He has provided.

Next time you’re bored, Learn something new! Anything! My next goal is to become more fluent in ASL. Yes, I’m 51 and learning a new language. Why?? Why not!

What did the quarantine teach you? Did you learn something new? I’d love to hear about your experiences. Comment and share your adventure.

Let’s encourage one another to rise above and see where the Lord is leading us.

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In His Love, Laura