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Free November Digital & Printable Planners!

I’m so excited to be able to offer these planners for FREE! If you’re new to digital planning, or if you’re thinking about getting into digital planning, these are for you!!

It’s a great way to try it out without having to spend any money! If you prefer to print out your planners, You can print these out as well!! Sometimes I will create my weekly planner page and print it out. I like to display it where EVERYONE can see it. This is especially helpful with menu plans. Am I the ONLY one who hears “What’s for dinner?” Every day?

Some of the basics: I use Goodnotes for my planners. When you subscribe, you’ll get a pass word for the Free Digital Planners. Once you’re there, you can down load A “Monday Start” or “Sunday Start” Goodnotes file. These will automatically import with all the stickers in the stickers section. I have 3 pages worth! If you are using any other PDF program, you can download the PDF’s and the digital sticker files, they’re condensed / zipped up for easier downloading.

Here is a video about the planner and how to subscribe to download! I hope this helps. Click below the picture to download.

Click here for the video.

Remember to subscribe to my blog so that you’ll be notified when the next planner comes out! Also subscribe to the news letter for the passwords! Please share your designs and plans with me. Tag me on Instagram , @Mother4Jesus. You can also follow me on Pinterest!

Happy Planning and God Bless,