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Autumn is Here!

Autumn is my FAVORITE Time of the year! The smells, the weather, the colors, I love them all!

As you know, I also love digital design. I like to create seasonal homeschooling and planner pages. This is why I like to use monthly digital planners. I get new colors and themes each month.

The reason my planners and printable pages are free, is because others have gone before me and have shared their creations for free.

One designer that I ADORE, That’s right, I said, “ADORE.” Is Janelle from Chantahlia Design.

Her ENTIRE site is free. In fact, she does have an Etsy shop, but she has MORE on her website for free, than she does on her Etsy Shop. I created these beautiful November covers from her Digital Pumpkin Set.

She has digital paper, clip art, planner graphics, alphabet….EVERYTHING. She has 36 colors, so EVERY design matches other designs. It’s a digital scrapbookers HAVEN!! Go and spend some time searching her site.

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