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It’s Friday! Celebrate with Freebies!

I love Fridays! My children love Fridays! We all love Fridays!!

What to do this weekend?? How about working on your November planner?? That’s what I plan on doing.

I enjoyed making the design for this cover so much that I converted the design into a Procreate Brush. I’m going to be offering that brush too!!

I also like to make planners that my son wouldn’t mind using. Let’s face it, he doesn’t want mandala’s or cute pumpkins. Plaid seems to work for him. Colorful but not too *girly*. I decided to share this planner with you too. Did I mention I love Fridays??

With all my planners, I use the same font, “Noteworthy”. This is a simple, easy to read font. Why am I telling you this?? So that when you’re setting up your planner, you don’t have to search for the matching font.

Why are all my planners free?? Because I can!! I love to share, I love to bless people and the Lord has made making these easy for me! I really do enjoy it. While I don’t make money on the planners, I could, in theory, make money on advertising with the followers and subscribers to my blog. It’s for this reason that I ask that you NOT share these files directly with anyone. Please send your friends and family directly to my blog.

If you’re new to digital planning, here is a video on how to subscribe for the passwords and how to use the planners. If you’d like the first planner in this series, Here is the blog post for that one.

This weekend we’ve got a Taekwondo Black belt testing to go to. Very exciting. My son isn’t a black belt but hopes to be one day. He’s planning on competing. His first competition was cancelled due to Covid. My children are also going to a Trunk or Treat. We’ve got a full day on Sunday with our church family, along with lesson planning, cleaning laundry OH and a marriage ministry gathering. How do I keep it all together?? Digital planning!

PS: My planners can also be printed!!

Have a Blessed and Safe Weekend,