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Thanksgiving Planning & Organizing

I love this time of the year. After Halloween, officially starts the holiday season here in our home! From planning the Thanksgiving menu & making our Annual batch of Cranberry Chutney , we’re all excited!

Here in NC, we’ve had some cooler weather, which also ignites our excitement! One thing that I love to do is keep all my recipes in one place. Years ago, I created a large Recipe binder. This was ideal so that I didn’t have tons of cook books around. I would put the recipes I wanted into page protectors and I was able to keep them all in one place. If I borrowed a cook book, I would again, take out the recipes I wanted and return the book. This was and is a great way to keep track of your recipes without collecting endless books. This can also be applied to digital Recipe books.

For a long time, I was buying different recipe planners, Only to get frustrated because they didn’t have any links for individual recipes. I had the tab to click on for each “Section” but once in the section, you had to swipe to find the recipe you wanted. That isn’t a big deal if you have a small section, but for sections like, “Crock Pot Recipes”, I would be swiping for quite a while. I solved my own problem when I created my own recipe planner.

Today I’m posting my “Harvest Recipe Planner”. This is a seasonal planner for all your Thanksgiving/Holiday recipes. Later on in December, I’ll be posting my regular Digital Recipe Planner. I had offered that planner on my original blog but decided to make it better and offer it here. Below you’ll find a quick video showing you all about the Harvest Planner and quick Preview of the

When you go to download these files, You will have the choice of a Goodnotes file, the stickers will already be in the planner. You also have the choice to download the PDF file along with all the PNG stickers. This planner can be used in any PDF annotation/editing app.

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Have a happy and blessed November.