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Happy Thanksgiving!…..2020 Style

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is this week?? This year is flying by in some ways and in others, can’t end fast enough.

This Sunday at church I was asked if I would share what I was thankful for this year. Believe it or not…… I’m thankful for 2020.

This was a hard year, but it also showed me how frail my faith can be at times. The Lord used this year to make me stronger. He helped me to build stronger friendships through vulnerability . He showed me how much I truly NEED HIM. It was through my faults that He drew me closer to Him. I can NOT imagine getting through this year with out the Lord. I’ve seen people trying to do it on their own and my heart breaks for them. The fear that is guiding most today is sad.

Rob and I celebrated 31 years of marriage on Sunday. This is an amazing thing! Today people can’t commit for 30 days let alone 31 years. Someone asked what my secret was?

No secret… Jesus!! He is the ONLY way a marriage can last these days. Marriage isn’t about a “Feeling” or “Emotions”. It’s about choosing to love the imperfect person you’re married to, while putting their needs before your own. When two people get married, you’ve got two-imperfect, selfish sinners joining together forEVER!! Why are we shocked when it doesn’t work out?? The ONLY way to truly have a joyous marriage is with the Lord.

I have learned one thing over the years.

*Your Marriage is worth MORE Then you being right.*

What does that mean? It means that many times we’re upset with our spouse because we feel we have a “Right” to be. That my very well be the case but is it going to be fruitful? My husband could be 100% wrong and even admit it. What good does that get me if I decide to keep that going? Rather than being “Right” , I’ve learned that with the Lord, I can be “loving”, “Forgiving”…..Righteous!!! Truth be told, the man is a saint. Not perfect but perfect for me.

To celebrate Thanksgiving and our Anniversary, I’m giving away a Digital recipe planner, that CAN Be printed. I love using digital recipe planners, because I can drop in a recipe from the internet, cut and paste a recipe, etc. Sometimes I drop in a link on my “To Try” page and then add the recipe if it’s a good one for us.

Thank you to those who contacted me because they weren’t getting the password for the free downloads. I apologize about that. I still have to look into why the emails aren’t going out. Thank you for all the support. I appreciate all those who followed my blog and my newsletter. I don’t charge for all my planners but am hoping at some point to make some income off of the advertising on my blog or Instagram. Thank you to those who have followed me on Instagram. I really appreciate the support.

I have created a quick video to show you all the digital recipe planner has to offer. I have 15 individual links to EACH Section and some stickers so that you can decorate your recipes. There are so many wonderful digital sticker stores on Etsy, I include some for those who want to try it out. Once you’re hooked….errrr.. enjoying the planner, you can go to Etsy and purchase some great stickers. One of my favorites is CCM Digitals. I did a review of her stickers. Plannered is another great one on Etsy.

I am going to include the link to the planner here, this way you don’t have to worry about the passwords!

Have a happy, blessed and safe Thanksgiving,