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Merry Christmas! (2020 style)

We are fully in the swing of Christmas. We’ve decorated, done some Christmas shopping and even did some baking! This time of the year can be very special, OR, it can be a nightmare. I think much depends on how much pressure we put on ourselves. I’ve learned over the years to say, “No”. Not to everything, but to really put my priorities first.

So many women are tired, worn and stressed. Much of that stress is what we put on ourselves. Our unreasonable expectations that we demand from ourselves. We set the bar so high that we actually sabotage ourselves. Meanwhile our children and husband are having a great time. They don’t see or feel the stress that we wrap up so lovingly and gift to ourselves. We will tell ourselves that all we’re doing is for the kids and MUST be done. The fact is, our children are just happy to get some time off of school. Much of the time our children don’t care if we’ve crafted all our treats by hand or if we ordered in. They don’t care how the gifts are wrapped , how you’ve decorated, or what you made from scratch. They want YOU. That’s it. They simply want your time. Enjoy this time with them.

I’m already looking ahead to January 2021! This year has got to go. I’m praying that we don’t have another lockdown but it’s not looking good.

Thank you to all of you who let me know that you weren’t getting the emails with the passwords. Turns out that I had accidentally *paused* the emails from going out. They should now be up and running. I do have a new password, Please check your emails for a newsletter with the new passwords. (Let’s hope I don’t mess that up). Thank you for sticking by me as I learn all these fun things.

This month I have two different designs for January. I couldn’t make up my mind. I loved them both. I usually try to create my own designs but sometimes I see something that far exceeds my own ability and these digital sets from Pepe Designs on Etsy, are beautiful!

The first one, I call “Winter Flowers”. In January, I’m still feeling the winter chill. These beautiful flowers in different hues of blue will make you want a warm sweater and hot cocoa. This is available as a Monday Start and a Sunday start. Included are some functional stickers. I have also included the Goodnotes Files. Those will import with the stickers.

The second one, I call “Winter Roses”. This sweet design is a fun, whimsical set of roses using mulberry, and pinks from the warmer side of the color grid. I decided to create this one with spiral rings. Although I’ve been making rings for a long time, I usually prefer my planners w/o them. Let me know what you think of this?? This set is also available in Monday start and Sunday start. Included are some functional stickers. I also have the Goodnotes files available.

As usual, I will include a youtube video. These video’s are especially good for those who are new to digital planning. My free planners and stickers are great way to “try” it before you buy anything. See what works and what doesn’t work. I created 5 videos. They’re numbered. The reason I decided to do it as a “Series” was to make the videos short and to the point. I hope these help everyone.

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Have a Happy and Blessed Christmas and New Year!!