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DIY Family Charging Station

Can you believe another blog post from me?? can you tell I’m still sitting around?

I wanted to share with you an idea I put together. I wanted a family charging station. My kids have kindles, and for Christmas they’re both getting IPads with the 1st gen Apple Pencils. My 12 y/o loves to draw and uses Procreate on the mini ipad. Between all of our electronics, we really needed a large charging station. The ones I found online, weren’t really large enough and were expensive. I love to organize and when I can find a way to do it and save money, I’m in heaven.

I’m not really sure that this will save money, but I do have a large charging station now. The blue box is actually a bankers box for papers. This is the one I purchased on Amazon. I do NOT have an affiliate link, so I’m just posting so you can see what I used. I loved this idea because I can cut some tiny holes in the back so that we don’t lose the cords. It worked perfectly. The problem was , how do I plug everything in?

I decided to look on Amazon and found this great 10-usb port charger.

The only problem is I could probably use few more USB Ports. When you think about the Ear buds, Apple Pencils, Ipad, IPhones, Apple Watch and then all the kids stuff, I needed a family charging station that could hold it all! I don’t like having them charging stuff in their bedrooms. So this fits our needs perfectly.

10-USB Port behind the box.
This is another option that I ended up not using. I found this on Amazon too. This is better for those who don’t have as many devices.
Our charging station sits in our school room. This is actually my formal dining room.

The white basket on top is where we have all our ear buds, even the ones that don’t need to be charged, and where the apple pencils (1st Gen) are charged. The ONLY thing that I don’t put in my charging station is my IPad Pro. That sits on my desk , next to my Mac Desktop. *I guess you can tell that I’m an Apple Gal.*

As you can see, I love organizing!

I love organizing and coming up with ways to *Stay* organized. This is usually the hardest part. Having one area for all the electronics makes this easier for everyone.

How do you organize your electronics? What are some ideas you’ve come up with? Share them on my Instagram. @Mother4Jesus

Have a Blessed Christmas and New Year,