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All About That Ace….’Bout That Ace

I couldn’t help but sing that title. 😊

This is a video that I made. It goes over what ACE is, (In the simplest form), How we use it, and how we use it with our Classical curriculum.
Ace can be used with any Other curriculum.
You can use all or part of it. It’s a great core curriculum. lHere you have some ideas on how to add to it.
All About ACE
**Quick Note**I use reusable goal cards. I laminate them and write on them with Sharpie, then wipe off with alcohol. Many can be found here on my blog or onthe Facebook Group page for free in the files section, Ace Homeschool Mom’s Lo’unge.
**Update**Still using ACE but now I create Digital planners that can be used in PDF Editors or printed out.

***This is a re-post from my original blog. ***