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February 2021 Digital Planner

How’s your year going?? If you’ve watched the news or go on social media, you’ll see that our new year isn’t off to a great start. This can be disheartening. Fear NOT. You can fully trust the Lord. He is in control. He puts people into power and He takes away! Did you know that “Fear Not” is in the Bible 365 times? That’s one for every day of the year! I think the Lord knew our weak hearts and that we’d need a daily reminder of HIS Power and Love.

I would love to tell you that the start of my year is going well. It’s not. As I type this, I’m scheduled to finally get these stents out. I was exercising with them and feeling great, but realized that it was causing more pain.

Right now my heart is heavy for my sons Taekwondo Master. He suffered a brain bleed and by God’s Grace, he went into surgery. As I type this, he’s doing well. The doctors told his wife that it was a miracle. We’re praying for a complete healing. Getting back to his students will be the first thing he will want to do.

Our God is amazing and more than capable of doing great and wonderful things like healing Master Andy. It’s understanding HIS Ways and trusting Him that’s hard.

This weeks theme in our homeschooling is being “Courageous”. I love defining it and then giving my children the different parts of speech.

Courage is NOT the absence of fear but doing what needs to be done, in spite of the fear.

Our definition of fear is a bit different. We believe that our strength and firm character COMES From God. Apart from Him, we can do nothing! It’s only In Christ, that we can endure any trial or danger that comes our way.

“Be strong and of good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the Lord thy God, doth go with thee. He will NOT Fail thee, nor forsake thee” Deuteronomy 31:6

Notice “Of Good Courage”. Does that mean that there is bad courage? I don’t think courage can be bad, but it CAN be short lived. When your courage is in your own strength and not the Lord, how effective will it be?? Will you be able to stand firm for long? Will you be able to stand firm in all circumstances?? No. Again, it’s ONLY in Christ. Why?? I think our real strength comes from Him so that we can’t boast of our own doings and courage. If we really know that our courage comes from Christ, then how can we get puffed up?? Oh, we still do! But to gain our courage from our Savior is to have a strength like no other! A strength that can see us through anything! I pray for this peace and strength for myself.

This month has been very busy but I got my February planner done early. I also created a printable menu that you can print out and put in a frame for this month. I like to have matching ones for my planners. I also created some matching desktop wallpapers, IPhone, Apple Watch papers and even some instagram Highlight covers. I love having matching graphics for the month. This month’s planner is only the Monday Start. It does have some functional stickers. I love Valentine’s Day but didn’t want the typical February designs, hearts, etc.

Some extras included in the Zip File!
February’s Menu Plan Printable
I print out my menu planner and put it in a frame. I love having a visual for our weekly menu. This January’s menu.

I want to thank everyone for the messages about loving the planners. I really am very encouraged by that. Please share your uses and designs with me. I’m on Instagram and Mother4Jesus

I have both the pdf and a Goodnotes file for you to download. The extras are in folders. One download for everything.

Have a Safe, Fun and Courageous January!