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Free Spring Planner!

I wasn’t happy with not giving you more choices for March! I started working on this one for April but decided that since it’s undated, we can just upload a few Spring Planners! This is Spring Planner 1!

I wanted to change a few things so I created a new planner. This one is a bit smaller in size. I’m hoping that it will help with those using Goodnotes to prevent the “lagging.”. Sometimes if a digital planner is large and the graphics are too big, it will cause the planner to “Lag”.

I am running around this weekend with my daughter. We’ll be in Georgia for her final competition of the season. After this , she just has “States” which is going to be virtual this year. No traveling! Not gonna lie…..I’m happy about that!

I love seeing how everyone is using the planners, Please tag me on Instagram and you can also follow me over on Pinterest.

Here is a video for this planner!

Here is a video to show you how to sign up for the passwords to the free planners!