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Free April Dreams Planner

It’s April! Can you believe how quickly this year is going by?? It was a crazy March for us. Gymnastics competitions, ending with a big injury for my 12 y/o Daughter. 😭 More about that in my quick video.

Here is a link to my youtube video for this weeks free planner:

I wanted to let everyone know that there isn’t a new password every month. Once you sign up and get the password, you will automatically get the new password when I change it. Otherwise the password stays the same. Here is a video on how to join.

The final piece of news is that my older son started a podcast and his journey with the Lord is interesting. Nothing makes a mom’s heart happier then knowing that her children are not only following the Lord but truly love Him with all their hearts. Please watch his latest pod cast on youtube and share. He loves to study the Bible and Prophecy. Here is a link where he shares his personal story.

I pray that everyone has a blessed and safe Resurrection Sunday. May our Savior reign forever in our hearts!