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Free Sweet Strawberries Digital Planner

This time of the year, we start to think about strawberry picking! My children love when I make strawberry ice cream from frozen strawberries. ❤️

Nothing is as special as fresh picked strawberries for us. Moving from NY to NC , where absolutely spoiled with the strawberry picking.

Spring time reminds me of the Lords renewing. How His plan is perfect. Watching the trees come back to life, even though EVERYTHING is covered with pollen. Seriously…..everything. I had my windows open, and I mopped my floors later that day and I had a line of yellow on my mop. That was the pollen. 😂 🤷‍♀️

This planner was so much fun to create. This is a monthly planner with stickers. I also posted the Planner stamp I use in Procreate. If you want to create your own matching stamps for this planner, go and download this planner Stamp brush from my youtube. No password needed. HEre is a link for that blog post.

I created a quick youtube video showing you what you get with this planner and how to use it. I hope this helps.

If you have a request for any “How to” video’s, please let me know in the comments or on INstagram. @laurapaulsen

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