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Are You a Friend? – Free Purple & Peach Digital Planner!

Do you ever have something hit you?? I mean really hit you in the gut? Recently I had that happen. I was in Walmart and I needed some new t-shirts. I love the t-shirts with the scripture on them. That’s the extent of my fashion sense. I have none!! Seriously. I was only shopping for t-shirts because I really needed some! My old ones were too big. (Yay!! 😂)

One of the t-shirts read, “Forgive Like Jesus”. 😳. I did NOT want to buy that shirt. I mean, I did *Want* to buy it, but knew that wearing that shirt would be wrong. I was IMMEDIATELY Convicted about “Forgiveness”.

How do we forgive people who don’t ask?? How do we forgive people who hurt you so much that you can’t really put it into words?? How do we forgive people who make excuses?? These are real questions. I know that people say, “Forgiveness is really for you, not the other person.”. I know this is true, but still…..The question is , “How?”

I bought the t-shirt. Wore it once around the house but haven’t worn it since. (I’m being honest and real here.)

As I was wrestling with this question, Resurrection Sunday came and the Lord showed me.

I can NOT forgive… Not in my own “Flesh”. I can NOT truly forgive someone if i’m trying to do so on my own. The ONLY way I can truly forgive is to have the Lord do it! Yes!! He can!!

I love the scripture where the Lord shows us what a true “Friend” is. John 15:13

Jesus died for his friends. Did we ask for forgiveness? Did we apologize for our sins?? No! In fact, there are many times, I don’t even acknowledge my sins to Him. Still, He Loved me enough to die for me!

Jesus chose to go to the cross even before I was His “friend.” Before I knew Him, Before I even acknowledged my sins! Imagine being filled with a love so powerful you’d die for people?

The ONLY way that we can get a sliver of that love is *In Christ*! I can’t love, forgive, help or even be a true friend to ANYONE without being a friend to the one who died for me!

When I think about how much I love the Lord and how I fail Him daily, How can I hold others up to a standard that I can’t meet?? How do I stay angry at others who are just as hurt?? I can’t. When I truly think about my sin and heart, I can’t truly fault anyone!

Sometimes children say things that are wise beyond their years. One of mine was upset with someone and she said, “ Sometimes when we’re angry we think we’re right but the other person thinks they’re right too. I guess that makes us both wrong?”

I had to laugh, she was right! There are adults who don’t get that concept. (Me, I’m the adult who needed this reminder. 😂)

Even with these wise words, my heart will always want to protect my children from hurt. The Lord showed me that protecting them isn’t always the best thing. Helping them navigate through the hurt and understand their own sin is being a better friend!

Are you a good friend?? Are you a friend who Jesus died for?? If you’re not sure, send me a message, I’d love to chat with you about it.

This week I created this cute planner. The graphics are from a digital design shop on Etsy, Digital Curio. If you follow my blog, You’ll see that I used their *Galaxy* graphics for the Bible Journal. Their designs are beautiful. She is truly talented.

The planner is a monthly planner, with daily pages, weekly pages and a monthly page. It also includes 6 blank sections, templates and of course, Stickers!

I love these colors. Normally, I wouldn’t think to put Pink and peach together, but the artist from Digital Curio knows what she’s doing.

I know that some are getting confused when signing up. Here is a video about how to sign up and the get the passwords. HOW TO SIGN UP

Thank you to those who have signed up and thank you to those who are following me on INstagram!

As we go through our week, I pray that your heart is lightened by the Love of our Savior!!