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Review of the iRobot Braava Jet

My Mother’s day Gift! 😍

I am going to give you an honest, Unadulterated review of the Braava Jet M6 Series. Most reviews will tell you how well it cleans,etc. I’m going to give you a REALISTIC review from a mama who has about 2350 Sq ft home. (Here is a hint: It was returned to the store).

I was thrilled to get this for Mother’s Day. Lets just get that question done with. I’ve been married for 31 years, and these gifts really make me happy because they’re practical, but not really a “NEED”…just something I love to get that makes my job easier.

The second thing you should know is that I LOVE iROBOT products. I have tried other robot vacuums and they pale in comparison to iRobot vacuums.

Our main living area. (Petey is checking out my new toy. Vacuums and iRobot’s do NOT Phase this dog. Can you tell I vacuum often? ) 😂

As I stated above, I love new gadgets that make my job easier. As you can see from the picture, I have engineered wood. (I’m not a fan, but that’s another post). My entire main level is wood or vinyl flooring. My 1/2 bath has vinyl because that’s what the builder offered. At some point, I will either tile it or use Deluxe Vinyl planking in there. My Braava was purchased to use on my main level ONLY. My upstairs is entirely carpeted, except for the bathrooms and laundry room.

The first thing I noticed was that the pad was small, only about 10-11”s at most. It came with 2 disposable wet pads and 2-disposable dry sweeping pads. It also had one reusable , microfiber wet pad. Right away I realized I would need to purchase more of the reusable ones because one pad to clean my floor wouldn’t work. So I would only be able to use this when I was around. I couldn’t set this up to clean while I was out, unless I had it clean ONLY 1 room. Then I noticed it had it’s own cleaning solution. OF course iRobot recommends ONLY using their solution… You could void the warranty if you used other solutions. Now I realized i’m locked into using their product , when I usually mop with simply plain water and a Microfiber pad. Sometimes I add in a bit of Alcohol… In the water, i’m not drinking it! 😂

I really wanted this to work. I was excited because who doesn’t want machines to vacuum AND mop their floors?? Still, I was skeptical. Even my husband was and told me, “We have 2 weeks to return it…so if it doesn’t work, then you can get the other vacuum.”

I set everything up. I had it charge on it’s base and then began to read up on how to use it. This is a great machine because you can really customize where it cleans and even how much cleaning solution you use. It stays off of carpets and will even automatically go over areas that it detects has some stuck on food. That is awesome!

I cleaned up my kitchen area and prepped my floors. I rolled in my carpet in the living room , Picked up chairs and Mats. Then I pressed the button for the Magic to happen.

It was a very quiet machine compared to the vacuum. So mopping while watching TV and relaxing would be a joy! I watched it mop my entire downstairs floor. It meticulously mapped my home, not missing any areas. I was really impressed with that. My old iRobot vacuums in a helter-skelter manner. Watching the uniformed, systematical manner with which this thing glided over my floor was a dream come true. I really wanted this to work, but everything kept telling me, “I don’t think so?”

The first thing I realized is that it took 2 hours to mop every thing. Now , remember, I can’t just press the button and let this thing mop in the middle of the night because one pad will not work. 2 hours is a long time when I can use my microfiber mops pads and mop my floors, let them dry and mop them again manually within 30 minutes.

When It was done, I took the pad off and it was wet and FILTHY! The Braava jet has a special, blue plastic back that slips into the machine itself and will actually tell the machine if you’re wet mopping or dry sweeping. So using any microfiber pad isn’t possible. Washing them out my hand is a bit tough because of the plastic piece sewn into the back of the pad, You can’t just ring the pad out. See the picture below.

Braava Wet pad with plastic backing

Knowing what I know about microfiber and how hot water and drying affects it, I knew that I would need more of these.. Many more. You can find replacements that are much cheaper on Amazon. I don’t think using the generic replacements would void the warranty like using a solution they don’t recommend in the machine would. They recommend washing in warm water on a regular cycle and air drying. Getting new pads wouldn’t be an issue.

When I filled up the tank with water and the cleaning solution, I noticed that it only held about 13oz of water and solution total. Again, the amount of flooring that I need cleaned means that I *May* Go through more cleaning solution. I did see that I could control the amount of solution that the machine used. I could also customize how deeply the machine cleaned. There are many bells and whistles on the app to really customize where, when and how the machine cleans. That’s awesome. If this works for your home.

When The machine was done with it’s first cleaning, I was impressed. Yes it took over 2 hours and yes I would need to make some more initial investments and buy their cleaning solution but if it does a good job, then it may be worth it for the convenience. I was REALLY wanting this to work. I set the machine back up and timed it so that it would mop after my Roomba vacuumed the next morning around 5am. I decided to use the disposable pad this time because the microfiber pad was still wet and I wanted to see what it picked up on the white pad. I would wake up to clean floors! Every mom’s dream.

The Next morning, I found my Roomba stuck under my couch. I have an older 600 series Roomba and the Braava stuck near that too. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Still, I checked the app and the Braava had been running almost 2 hours BEFORE it got stuck. Ok, not too bad. When I looked at the pad, it was BLACK!!! It was filthy! Now, you may be thinking, “Oh it did a great job”? No.. Remember, I ran this machine the evening before. No one had been walking around, running in and out and even the dog had been in for the night. Had the machine just simply been pushing my dirt around?

I think using the same pad was simply wetting, diluting and pushing the dirt around. I was really disappointed. Keep in mind that people who know me , know that I keep my home and floors clean. I run a small home business where I make Bubble scoops for children. I MUST keep it clean for that reason alone. I’m also a bit OCD. 😂

I was chatting with my sister, Lisa, who has the same machine. This machine works great for HER home. She works a full time job, so on the weekends and evenings is when she gets her cleaning done. We’re sisters, so we’re both a bit OCD about keeping our homes clean. Actually , I have another sister and all 3 of us are a bit anal about how we keep our homes. 😂. It’s a genetic thing. 😜

My sisters home is smaller, The rooms are smaller. She told me that she has it clean one room, TWICE. So she uses her Braava to clean one room at a time but changes the pad and has it clean the same room twice. For my sister, who works a full time job, this may be more convenient to her because she’s folding laundry while the machine is mopping for her. She also doesn’t have little ones running in and out. Unless mine are there to visit. 😂

So what is my opinion?? The machine didn’t work for my home. If you have a larger floor plan, where you need more cleaning power, then the Braava might not be for you. If you have more time to set it up and watch it, replace the pad and let it do the work for you while you’re doing something else, then it will work. It’s really about how much time you want to spend setting it up and keeping an eye on it. For me the iRobot vacuums are a benefit because I can let them run and walk away. I decided to get the new Irobot Roomba , i7 that empties itself out! I put my older Roomba upstairs because it does a great job under the beds. My new i7 doesn’t get stuck under my couch. This is more convenient for me. It takes me about 15 minutes to do a quick mopping and 30 if I go over it again to deep clean. Waking up to vacuumed floors is a blessing. Mopping them is much easier when the sweeping is done.

I don’t think the Braava is a bad machine. In fact , I loved many of the features. It just wasn’t worth the work and expense for me and my home. It may work for your home. Let me know in the comments section how you use your machine or if the machine didn’t work well for you too? Have you found something else that worked better? I’d love to know!

Many Blessings and Happy Cleaning!