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Free Sticker Set! Very Large!

Some of the stickers included in this set!

Where have I been? I’ve been here. We’ve been very busy. My new business, Royal Oak Bubbles & Suds has done pretty well for a new business and I love it. For new readers, I started a small business making Solid bubble scoops for children. Easy, affordable, CLEAN Ingredients for children to hold under the running water and create LOTS of fun bubbles.

I haven’t created any new digital planners, because i’ve been using a great 2-year planner from Happy Downloads on Etsy. I have a video review of that planner. I’ll post the link on my Youtube video for this sticker set, or you can click this link. My opinion and review was NOT paid for. I paid for the planner myself. Her customer service is wonderful. Because of that, I’ve been making myself some fun stickers. I realized that although I buy all those sticker sets, I use the same stickers over and over. I just like different seasonal colors.

This set that I created has 10 rainbow colors. These are a muted, Warm rainbow hues. I went a bit overboard but really enjoyed making these . I usually make them while i’m watching tv with the kids. I use the same functional stickers over and over again, so buying those other sets with the cute characters is only for fun. I use those for my children’s school planners. They enjoy those surprises when they open up their planners. For me, I like it simple but colorful.

My plan is to create stickers for each season. My next set will be a Boho Autumn/Thanksgiving set. I haven’t picked the colors Yet but you get the idea. I love being able to use these with any sticker sets I buy or alone.

Another exciting thing is that my older son started a ministry. Foolish Ministries. He has his pod casts on youtube as well. Click the link or you will find his link of my screen video of these stickers.

Here is a link to a video to show you what’s in the sticker set.

These stickers are free to use please don’t claim these as your own or try to resell them.

Have a wonderful weekend! Stay safe, Bless those around you and serve the Lord!